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This was one of the best experiences I have had living at an apartment complex. Mindy, the property manager was always so kind, welcoming and easy to approach. Maintenance responded super quickly if there was ever an issue within the apartment. Highly recommend living here if you’re looking to be in the Salt Lake area and want something affordable but also very nice.


Awesome place to live. Mindy is the best and if you ever need any maintenance for anything, even a light bulb, they get it done super fast. Grade A complex in my opinion.


Move in process was much easier than I expected! Mindy is so helpful and is always willing to answer questions.


Beautiful apartments! Mindy is absolutely wonderful. She answered all my questions and is very prompt and professional. Would highly recommend!


Mindy is absolutely incredible! By far the best leasing agent/property manager I have ever dealt with! She is prompt, always working hard to improve our apartments and truly cares about each resident! Thank you so much Mindy for making my living experience amazing!! I truly appreciate you :)


I've enjoyed living here. The building doors and gates are locked outside of business hours, so it feels secure. Pretty quiet. Nice, updated apartment with lots of storage, shelves, and full size washer/dryer. Mindy is great and always willing to help you out when she can. Maintenance is fast also. Prices are very reasonable compared to other modern apartments nearby! You can unlock the gates/doors with an app on your phone which is cool if you have guests or deliveries.


New apartment complex with it’s kinks and issues they’ve had to work out, but the office manager is constantly working to improve, get to know the residents, and make our homes better. Very nice and reasonably priced. My biggest complaint is a lack of security for our cars and homes- I would love to have more security cameras and a possible security guard stationed at our complex.



I moved in here recently. The units themselves are quite nice. Brand new building with great open floor plans and nice size balconies. There is a small gym, indoor lounge and a nice rooftop deck that will be nice to use when it is warmer and post-covid. So far maintenance and management have been prompt. While not inexpensive, new apts like this would be far more in downtown or sugarhouse. The area is not the most ideal- fairly industrial and not very walkable but it is convenient being near all the big box stores. I hope they add more sidewalks as the construction next door finishes up. My only complaints thus far would be that there is only 1 elevator located at one end of the building and it has been broken once since I moved in. The $85 monthly charge for internet alone (no cable service) also is pretty high. They do need to update their payment portal as well; I accidentally paid 2 months rent at once and they said there was no way to reverse it. If they could fix these few things this complex could be a truly great spot.


We have been here for a few months and have loved every bit of it. Of course living in apartments can have its up and downs but the staff has been really cooperative with us and have been very willing to help through our moving process. The atmosphere is great and neighbors have been very friendly after being out of state. 10/10 good place!